Learning Vault case study: Provider +

May 10, 2023

“Our partnership with Learning Vault not only helps Provider + stand out from the competition, but more importantly, helps our members to showcase their expertise and commitment to providing high quality service for People with Disability.”

About Provider +

Provider+ was founded in 2017 in response to the NDIS being rolled out across Australia, changing the face of disability services. Recognising that NDIS providers needed support in all aspects of their business, Provider + was created to provide clarity and confidence in a confusing market, and to enable providers to create high quality, successful and compliant businesses.

Provider+ has now helped thousands of NDIS providers each their goals and grow their businesses with ‘The Freedom to Care’ for participants who need it most. Today, Provider+ continues to create new and better solutions for NDIS providers and help the industry thrive.

How we helped:


In 2022, Learning Vault partnered with Provider + to manage and issue credentials in a dynamic, fast-moving, and compliance-heavy sector. Tania Gomez, Co-Founder and COO of Provider +, had the following to say on the partnership:


“Learning Vault allows us to recognise and acknowledge the huge amount of knowledge and skills our members gain as part of their registration process and throughout their ongoing NDIS journey.

Digital credentials give us the ability to capture and verify the learning that is undertaken during the lifetime of our members journey as providers. This gives them evidence at audit for professional development, but also ensures they are rewarded and have a tangible, verifiable take away from each microlearning course they complete with us.  


This partnership solution brings visibility to the huge amount of resources, support, and knowledge providers gain as provider+ members.

“Being able to integrate Canvas and Hubspot to the Learning Vault IO system has made issuing credentials seamless, automatic and easy.” 

We love that digital credentials are easily shareable, and hope the format will help spread the word about the depth and expertise we offer, and to shine a light on just how easy we make complying with the NDIS requirements.


Overall, this partnership offering has been very well received so far. In the first few weeks we have issued over 1000 credentials and really looking forwards to seeing how this impacts our members ability to better showcase their skills and knowledge, at audit, and in the marketplace.” 


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