Learning Vault delivering CHC resources

Aug 4, 2023

In a recent report from the National Skills Commission, it is forecast that there will be a shortfall of about 100,000 care workers across the aged, disability and mental health care sectors by 2027-28, with the gap widening to 212,000 by 2050. This represents a significant challenge to develop the skills required to meet current and future demands.  

When Learning Vault originally created training resources for the SIT training package, it was in response to a similar skills shortage of 123,000 jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry. Through our SIT resources, Learning Vault created a world class digital education experience designed to meet the industry requirements for the workforce of the future. More recently, Learning Vault added BSB and SIR learning resources, as well as acquiring the Australian Training Products (ATP) content portfolio to provide increased value to the Vocational education sector.  

With a proven track record of success, Learning Vault is now focused on creating a portfolio of CHC learning resources to support the development of a high-quality workforce in the personal care sector, starting with a Cert III in Individual Support. We are looking forward to supporting and engaging with this critically important sector who care for some of our most vulnerable communities.  

As well as a learning resource provider, Learning Vault is also Australia’s leading provider of verifiable digital credentials for both accredited learning (qualifications and statements of attainment) and non-accredited learning (micro-credentials, short courses, and CPD). Through ongoing collaboration and consultation in the skills and education ecosystem, Learning Vault recognised the importance of verifiable digital credentials that can connect education to employment.

Learning Vault are an active partner in the creation of an interoperable skills ecosystem that supports learners towards better employment outcomes. Through the recognition, curation and sharing of their achievements and skills, the Learning Vault ecosystem is designed to connect learners to employers, education to employment, and to help better identify and source talent to meet the growing demand in the Personal Care sector. As an example, Learning Vault is partnering with RTOs and TAFEs to issue verified digital credentials that integrates a learner’s verifiable digital credentials with a talent marketplace and talent pools, where employers will be able to find the talent and skills needed to meet workplace requirements.  

By streamlining and surfacing skills to employers, Learning Vault will continue to support industry in both the development and deployment of capabilities to meet current and future workforce demands.

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