Learning Vault wins prestigious 2023 Consensus Award for Digital Credentialing Technology

Aug 25, 2023

Learning Vault has won the coveted 2023 Consensus Award for Digital Credentialing Technology, presented in Sydney on the 24th of August by The Hon Ed Husic, Minister for Industry & Science.

The Consensus Awards, renowned for recognising groundbreaking contributions to various industries, have become a benchmark for excellence and innovation. Learning Vault's exceptional achievement in the field of digital credentialing aligns perfectly with the award's mission to highlight forward-thinking organisations that push the boundaries of technology to transform the way we learn and work.

Digital credentialing has rapidly emerged as a transformative force in education and professional development. Learning Vault's industry leading platform, designed to empower individuals and organisations with verifiable and secure digital credentials, has revolutionised the way skills and achievements are recognised and shared. By providing a seamless, machine-readable, and tamper-proof system, Learning Vault has addressed the longstanding challenges of credential authenticity, accessibility, and portability.

"We are tremendously proud to be the recipients of the 2023 Consensus Award for Digital Credentialing Technology," said Nicholas Robert Alderdice, CEO at Learning Vault. "This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a future where learning and achievements are universally acknowledged through innovative technological solutions. We believe that digital credentials have the potential to unlock new opportunities for individuals and organisations, and we are honoured to be recognised at the forefront of this transformation."

The Consensus Award marks a significant milestone for Learning Vault, reaffirming its position as an industry leader in the digital credentialing landscape. Learning Vault's technology is poised to catalyse positive change across industries, from education and workforce development to professional certification and beyond.

Official Judging Citation from the 2023 Consensus Awards: 

The judges agreed that the Learning Vault’s Credentials-as-a-Service platform is innovative and offers significant opportunities for market growth.
Learning Vault's groundbreaking digital credentialing, badging and certification architecture is making waves for its pioneering approach to transforming talent acquisition. By seamlessly integrating with global digital certification standards, Learning Vault ensures a robust foundation of machine readability and cross-platform compatibility for digital certification issue, storage, sharing, verification, and retrieval.
In an era where traditional qualifications often pose challenges of verification and interpretation, Learning Vault's digital credentials provide an innovative solution. These credentials empower individuals to showcase their skills and achievements securely, surpassing the limitations of conventional paper-based documentation.
The judges recognised the value chain gains in Learning Vault’s approach of working with the student management system providers to enable them, as the source of truth on qualifications, to drive the issuing of the digital credentials as part of the students’ journey.
The judges were impressed with Learning Vault's approach to the portability and shareability of digital credentials. Candidates wield control over who accesses their credentials, streamlining the sharing process across various platforms. 
Real-time authentication bolsters the integrity of the presented qualifications, ensuring trust and transparency throughout the talent acquisition process.
In summary, Learning Vault's digital credentialing architecture redefines talent acquisition paradigms by offering secure, machine-readable, and transparent credentials. The innovative features, including QVAULT and other digital wallet integration and skill descriptor referencing, underscore Learning Vault's commitment to revolutionising the landscape of skills verification and candidate evaluation.

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